AEPA facilitates robust dialogue to reach consensus on policy recommendations that are balanced and fair and will impact both agriculture and the environment.  We address agri-environmental issues of importance to our members through communications, projects, or policy recommendations.  This includes identifying evolving agri-environmental issues, providing a forum/network for robust dialogue with a cross section of stakeholders to facilitate better understanding and perspective on agri-environmental issues, communicating agriculture sector interests by actively engaging in important processes having potential to create opportunities or challenges for agriculture, and influencing agri-environmental policy through effective and timely projects and communications.

AEPA establishes project teams to explore identified priorities in detail and develop innovative, balanced policy recommendations.  Project teams are typically composed of people from various parts of Alberta’s agri-environmental community, including organizations participating on the AEPA Advisory Committee and others.

The project team works together to build a common understanding of their issue by gathering information and creating an inventory of the state of knowledge on the topic. They identify the gaps and key requirements, and look for creative and innovative solutions to the issue. They do this by brainstorming, seeking out expertise if need be, and engaging the industry.

There are currently two Project Teams:

  1. Land-use Framework Working Group
  2. Water Working Group


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