Past Projects

Environmental Market Opportunities (EMO) – June 2009
Goal:  Identify real environmental market opportunities and market risks of verifying production systems for the Alberta agriculture industry.

Ecosystem Services (ES) - June 2009
Goal:  To find ways to enhance environmental outcomes by creating a system that uses market mechanisms for rewarding agriculture producers that provide ecosystem services.

Manure Nutrient Market - March 2009
Goal:  To enable and enhance innovative and market-driven methods to better capture the value of livestock manure.

Bioenergy Clusters – April 2009
Goal:  To facilitate and promote the development of bioenergy clusters as a means to produce green energy, and to create and capture value for rural communities, agriculture, municipalities and forestry.

Plants with Novel Traits (PNTs) – July 2008
Goal:  To advocate for PNT regulations that are science based, clear, effective, transparent, practical and representative of stake holders’ interests, and to determine the advocacy process to persuade federal regulatory agencies to re-examine regulatory scopes hindering the development of technologies and products that could benefit the environment.

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